Richard White

My name is Richard White, you might know me from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I am 20-years-old, born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. I am currently a third-year university student studying history at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia. When not colorizing, I enjoy distance running, traveling, and spending time with my three dogs. I had barely ever heard of colorizing until March 2018, when I came across it on Reddit. I began colorizing as a hobby with no idea that my work would become so popular. I was very bad at first, but I spent a lot of time dedicated to the craft and I hope the improvement is clear. I enjoy colorizing because it perfectly combines my passion for history, my interest in photography and my artistic ability. I am only an amateur, but I would love to one day publish my work in a book or become a professional if I have the opportunity. Until then, every single sale of my merchandise on Redbubble means the world to me, so please check out the items available. Check out some of my best colorizations below.

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