World War II Photographs in Color

See the photographs that were taken during World War 2 come to life through the process of colorization. The photographs were taken between 1941 – 1945 in a range of different countries. These amazing photographs can now be enjoyed in color thanks to the extremely skilled colorizers of. RJMJecinci, and Royston Colour.

Private W. Wheatley, 11 June 1944

Color photo of World War 2 soldier firing a gun in the rubble of a house in france.
Color photograph of Private W. Wheatley was a member of ‘A’ Company, 6th Battalion Durham Light Infantry, 50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division and in this photograph, he is firing a Bren light machine gun from the rubble of a ruined house in Douet, France on the 11 June 1944. Wheatley was a British soldier. Colorization by RJM

Two Captured German Officers Being Transported, 31 March 1945

German officers being transported in a car while passing a tank
This colorized photograph from World War 2 shows two high ranking German officers that were captured after the surrender of Hersfeld in Germany, being transported by soldiers of the US 4th Armored Division. They pass by a 37th Armored Battalion M5 Stuart tank. The two officers in this picture handed over the town of Hersfeld to the US peacefully. Colorization by RJM

Winston Churchill Watching a Flying Display, 6 June 1941

Winston Churchill standing in a field watching a plane fly over
This color image shows Prime Minister Winston Churchill watching a flying display of a Boeing Fortress Mk1 which was supplied to Britain through the Lend-Lease Act from the USA. This act provided the UK, the Republic of China and later the Soviet Union, Free France and other Allies, food, oil, materiel, warships, warplanes and other weaponry. This was taken at RAF Oakington in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom. Colorization by Jecinci

Daimler Armored Car Opens Fire, 18 January 1943

World War 2 colorized photo of an armoured car firing at the enemy
This World War II color photograph was taken in the early hours of the morning on the 18 January 1943 at the start of the battle of Tripoli, Libya. The soldiers seen in the image are British 8th Army and they successfully advanced through the German and Italian Armies in North Africa, and went into Tripoli. Colorization by RJM

Troops of the 101st Airborne Parade for a Medal Ceremony, 20 June 1944

An american model parade in France during World War 2
This photograph shows the soldiers of the US 101st Airborne Division at a medal ceremony at the Place De La République, Carentan. Of the 11 people standing in front of Major General Maxwell D. Taylor, 3 were Killed in Action later on in the war. Colorization by Royston Colour

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