World War I Quiz

Take this 10 question historical quiz on the First World War to see how much you really know about one of the largest wars in World History.

World War 2 Quiz

Do you think that you have good knowledge of the Second World War? Test what you know about World War II with this short 10 question quiz!


Coco Chanel (1883-1971)

The legendary fashion designer Coco Chanel is credited with revolutionizing women’s fashion. Recognizing that women needed more functional apparel…


Painting Memories by Fratuzzi

Colorizer Fratuzzi tells a short story about 4 black and white photographs that they colorized. Hear the story behind why these photos were chosen.

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Featured Video: Photo Colorization Photoshop Tutorial

Learn how to colorize a black and white photograph in Photoshop with this tutorial. Expert Colorizer, Mads Madsen, will guide you through how to prepare your layers/brushes/photograph in Photoshop, how to add color to the black and white image, and then how to shade the colorized photograph to make it look more realistic.

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