The Tallest Man to Ever Live: Robert Wadlow

The Tallest Man to ever live, Robert Wadlow, standing for a photograph with his family.
8ft 11.1in (2.72m) tall Robert Wadlow posing for a family photograph, 1939.
Credit: Paille // CC BY-SA 2.0

Standing at nearly 9 feet tall, Robert Wadlow is the tallest person on record to have ever lived. For his entire life, Wadlow continued to grow and when he died at the age of 22, there was no indication that his growth was coming to an end.

At the age of 22 in 1940, he was measured to be 8ft 11.1in (2.72m) tall. This officially made him the tallest man to ever live, and 2 inches (5cm) taller than John Rogan who, until Wadlow, was the tallest person ever.

Check out the video below to take a look at the life of Robert Wadlow in photos. Despite only living to the age of 22, he lived a full life and didn’t let his height get in the way of doing what he wanted to do.

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Wadlow passed away on July 15th, 1940, after chaffing from his leg brace became infected and despite surgery and a blood transfusion, he did not recover.

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