Charlie Chaplin in Color, 1916

Charlie Chaplin in color through the process of colorization. He is not wearing makeup in this photo and was about 27 years old when it was taken (in 1916)
Photo of Charlie Chaplin in color as a young man without makeup on in circa. 1916. This photo was colorized. HistoryColored // CC BY 4.0

Seen here is a photo of legendary actor, composer, writer, and director of the Silent Film era, Charlie Chaplin in color. This image of Chaplin was originally in black and white and color was digitally added manually by an artist that specialises in the colorization of old photographs that have historical relevance.

This photo gives a rare look into the “normal” life of one of the most famous people in movie history. Chaplin was photographed without any of his film makeup on, potentially making him barely recognizable from the people that only know him from his famous character “The Tramp”. It was taken somewhere in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA in circa 1916 when Charlie Chaplin would have been about 27 years old. By 1916, Chaplin had already appeared in 58 films, and his character “The Tramp” was known and adored by millions across the globe. Charlie Chaplin himself is now often seen as a film character. By adding color to this photograph, we are able to bring the “real” Chaplin to life!

If you are interested in seeing some of the work that was put into colorizing this picture of Charlie Chaplin, a timelapse showing the process is featured in this video alongside colored photos of other iconic historical figures such as Winston Churchill, Nicholas II of Russia, and Abraham Lincoln. I would highly recommend checking it out if you want to learn more!

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Feel free to use this photograph of Charlie Chaplin in color for any use as long as you provide credit to HistoryColored. This colorized image is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.

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