Can you tell the difference between King George V and Tsar Nicholas II?

King George V of the United Kingdom and Emperor Nicholas II of the Russian Empire are often called “twins” as they look shockingly similar in appearance and have for almost all of their lives. While it is not exactly surprising that they look similar – Nicholas and George were both first cousins through their mothers; George’s mother, Queen Alexandra, and Nicholas’ mother, Empress Maria Feodorovna, were sisters. That is how they were related. However, even for cousins, King George and Tsar Nicholas’ similarity in appearance does surprise you as they could easily be brothers or even twins.

Do you think you would mistake the two cousins for each other? Are you able to identify Tsar Nicholas II and King George V from a photograph of them? Take this photograph quiz to see if you know the difference between the two monarchs! We haven’t made this easy and have chosen images from throughout their lives! Good luck!

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