History Question of the Day – Day 5 – October 8th

Today marks 151 years since the Great Chicago Fire, which started on October 8th, 1871. The fire is believed to have begun at about 8:30 pm in a barn at 137 DeKoven Street in southwest Chicago, Illinois, and it spread across the entire city, continuing to burn for over 24 hours. The fire caused massive damage to the city and needed to be rebuilt; this led to Chicago receiving support from many other towns and cities across the United States, as well as around the world, including Greenock, Scotland, and London, England.

“History Question of the Day” is a new quiz series that we will be releasing every day for the foreseeable future that will feature just one question on a historical topic that is in some way related to the day. This could be a birthday, anniversary, major event, or trending news topic. As long as the date can be linked to a historical event, the history question of the day may be related to it.

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