Short Summary of Anne Frank (1929-1945)

Anne Frank with her arms crossed and a book on the table smiling.
Anne Frank smiling at the school photographer, 1940.

Anne Frank was a German Jewish girl who went into hiding in Amsterdam during Nazi occupation in the Second World War.

Presented with a diary on her thirteenth birthday, Anne used it to document events in hiding, as well as her feelings and thoughts about life in her family’s cramped hiding place. Tragically, the hiding place was discovered in 1944, and Anne was deported to a concentration camp, where she sadly died in 1945.

Anne Frank writing in a book while sitting on a chair behind a desk and looking at the camera.
Anne Frank sitting at school in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1940.

Anne wanted to become a journalist and so her father published her diary in June 1947, to honor her memory and to raise awareness of the dangers of racism and discrimination.

Her diary lives on to tell the story of groups persecuted by the Nazis, has been translated into around 70 languages and has been adapted for stage and screen.


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